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INTRIALS is an equal-opportunity employer. Our experienced staff is a key factor for our company growth and successful performance. We invest time and resources to provide continuous training in ICH-GCP standards and the key aspects of clinical research.

Over the years, we have attracted and retained experienced people, mostly from major pharmaceutical companies and leading CROs. Our human resources policies and our nurturing business environment have been key to our maintaining motivated, talented personnel.

Working at INTRIALS

INTRIALS is the CRO where talented, motivated people can grow at the same fast speed we are growing. We offer opportunities to experience new challenges and encourage innovative thinking in an environment that stimulates enthusiasm and collaboration, while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

We offer extensive training, flexible, and partial home-based working schedules with a competitive compensation package to attract, reward and retain the high-caliber talents needed to accomplish our excellence-driven organization goals.

If you are a true team player, talented, competent and excellence-driven professional, INTRIALS will lead you to excel in your professional goals.

Career Opportunities:

  • Intrials Argentina
  • Intrials Brazil
  • Intrials Chile
  • Intrials Mexico
  • Intrials Peru