1999- INTRIALS was founded in São Paulo, Brazil.

2001 - INTRIALS Continuing Education Program, a series of open-house courses in Clinical Research was launched to develop a high-performance team with highly qualified, competent and client-driven professionals.

2004 - Because of our client-driven strategy, business was significantly expanded and moved to a larger facility.

2007 – INTRIALS gives the first steps in the direction of expansion to Latin America initiating operations in Chile.

2008 – INTRIALS Mexico and Argentina offices are opened.

2010 – INTRIALS initiates Colombia operations.

2012 – INTRIALS operations in Peru are initiated.

2015 – INTRIALS consolidate strategies as the regional CRO of excellence in Latin America driving efforts on Rare Disease and Orphan indication Drugs

2017 – INTRIALS expanded geographic coverage towards Japan and Korea to development of Rare Disease Trials

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