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INTRIALS has a unique process-based management approach, which first establishes a clear vision of your project to define the strategy, structure and resources required to achieve success, and continues with the implementation of the tasks and activities required to meet, or surpass your requirements and expectations.

Our project management group receives continuous training in clinical research project management techniques in accordance with the Project Management Book of Knowledge (Project Management Institute), to ensure that your project fully provides for the good clinical practices, SOPs, budget and medical aspects, and is accomplished in a very efficient and effective way.

From the start to the completion of the clinical research, an experienced project manager will be assigned to your project, and will strive to maintain the progress and productive mutual interaction of the various parties in such a way that overall risk is reduced, and the ultimate goal of Clinical Research Excellence is achieved.

INTRIALS project manager is responsible for:

  • Planning and organizing the work;
  • Estimating and acquiring resources;
  • Assigning tasks and directing activities;
  • Controlling project execution;
  • Reporting progress;
  • Monitoring performance;
  • Managing risks and recommending corrective actions.

INTRIALS’ project management model apply the following tools:

  • Client meetings; Study center meetings; Quality Assurance; Monitors assignment and training; Regulatory affairs management after trial approval; Development and maintenance of project database; Management reports; Checkpoint meetings with project members; Multi-party training; Problem-solving; Suppliers' management; Project documentation’s file.

Contact us to access a presentation about the region and to learn more about how INTRIALS can assist you conduct studies in Latin America.